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CM Baghel Discussed on 'न्याय योजनाएं, नई दिशाएं’ (Justice Schemes, New Directions) topic with radio listeners

The Gazette. Discussion on 'न्याय योजनाएं, नई दिशाएं’  (Justice Schemes, New Directions) topic with radio listeners Chief Minist...

The Gazette. Discussion on 'न्याय योजनाएं, नई दिशाएं’  (Justice Schemes, New Directions) topic with radio listeners

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel got to know the general public today through the ninth episode of his radio talk Lokvani.  On August 9, he specifically discussed August Revolution Day and World Tribal Day and discussed their importance.  He also wished the people of the World Tribal Day.  Mr. Baghel said that Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, announced on this day in the year 1942 to start the Quit India Movement and gave the slogan 'Do or Die'.  This incident proved to be the turning point of the Indian freedom struggle.

‘न्याय योजनाएं, नई दिशाएं’ (Justice Schemes, New Directions)

The Chief Minister along with the radio listeners of the broad concept of ‘न्याय योजनाएं, नई दिशाएं’ (Justice Schemes, New Directions) and the development of the state government in the present era respectively, and to bring the justice plan for all sections including tribals, farmers, laborers, needy respectively  Sharing the resolution, he said that I believe that every phase of our freedom struggle was a battle of justice.  India's independence not only introduced justice to the lives of Indians, but also paved the way for the establishment of democracy and justice of the people in many countries of the world.  Liberating Mother India from the slavery of the Firangi was the greatest thought and greatest effort towards justice.  The world has seen how our Constitution became the basis for giving justice to every community in the society.  Freedom from the chains of injustice was liberated on the basis of the principle of providing equality, opportunity and dignified life to the general public.

Mr. Baghel said that today, when the country and the world are in the grip of economic recession due to the Corona crisis, this concept of 'justice' has become the basis of the lives of the people in distress, so that the money goes directly into the pocket of the people and the debt  Not as a form, but as direct help to them.  Mr. Rahul Gandhi ji, in consultation with eminent economists of the country and the world, propounded this concept of 'justice' and called upon it to land.  I am happy to say that in Chhattisgarh, we have started working on the various dimensions of this justice scheme and landing them one by one.

Paying Rs 2500 per quintal to farmers, fulfills our promise : CM

The Chief Minister said that as soon as the government was formed on December 17, 2018, we had started keeping the promise from day one.  We gave the farmers Rs. 2500.  Started the process of payment with immediate effect at the rate of per quintal.  8 thousand 755 crore of 17 lakh 82 thousand farmers pending for years.  Agricultural loans were waived.  244 crore we have  The irrigation tax was waived.  In Lohandiguda, 4200 acres of land of more than 1700 tribal farmers were returned.  We have collected tendu patta remuneration of Rs 2500.  Rs 4000 per standard bag.  Per standard bag.

Comprehensive form of justice for forest dwellers

 The Chief Minister said that in order to provide relief to people living in Vananchal in the Corona crisis period, the purchase of 31 forest produce in the state has been done at the support price.  And we estimate that in future, an amount of Rs 2500 crore will be provided to tribals and other forest dependent families in a year.  He said that Scheduled Tribes and other traditional forest dwellers - Recognition of Forest Rights Act - 2006 was a milestone.  But what was ignored in Chhattisgarh in 12 years is not hidden from anyone.  A mountain of aborted claims was put up.  We understood justice very broadly and decided to review the Forest Rights Plates repealed by the former government.  In this way, a large number of individual and community forest rights are now being leased.

Decision to liberate innocent tribals imprisoned for imparting social justice
Mr. Baghel said that to give social justice, we have decided to liberate innocent tribals jailed.  Decided to bring justice to the martyred families in the massacre in Jheeram Valley and are fighting the battle to take this decision.  In this way, we have worked towards freeing every section of the society from exploitation and injustice.

'Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana' launched to protect farmers from injustice

The Chief Minister said in the radio talk that after giving a price of Rs 2500 per quintal to paddy farmers in the first year, when the second year came, a big hurdle was encountered.  We created a new record by purchasing about 83 lakh metric tonnes of paddy, these farmers were given Rs. 2500.  The rate was to be paid but the central government stopped the process.  It was said from the above that if we gave more rates than the support price announced by the Center, then the purchase for the Central Pool would be stopped.  In this way, once again our farmers would come under the grip of injustice.  To solve such problem, we announced to launch the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana.  Our intention was not to bring the farmers out of debt but to put cash in their pockets.  In this way, considering the overall circumstances, we started the 'Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana' with a big idea of ​​not only paddy but also maize and sugarcane farmers.

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